What to Avoid When House Hunting

House hunting can be fun and frustrating at the same time. The pictures you see on the ads would make you all excited. Yet, the reality after seeing what the house really looks like would disappoint you. It takes time and a lot of patience before you can finally find the home of your dreams. Here are some things that you need to avoid when house hunting though.

Go alone

There are a lot of reasons you shouldn’t go through the viewing and negotiating on your own. You might not be able to thoroughly check everything when you go alone. You might miss some important details of the home that sometimes only realtors or experienced buyers would be able to point out. It would also give the impression to sellers that they can easily bargain a higher price with you.


After looking at two or three houses, do not decide immediately. There are still more out there that are waiting to be discovered. When viewing a house, take your time to look through everything. Negotiations also do not need rushing.

Ignore all doors

If you are not interested in the house at the onset, then you don’t need to bother opening every door you see. However, if you think that you like the place, then you should check all drawers, closets, cupboards and more. You would not want to regret later on when you realize that there is not enough storage space in the house for all your things.

Trash talk

Badmouthing a house, even if you think the seller is not around, is always a bad idea. You might not be able to feel it when you step out. But, the effects would come when you start to negotiate for a price.

Fail to check utilities

If you don’t check the power or electricity, gas supply, water and others, you would find yourself spending a lot of money when you move in to the house. Leaky pipes and faulty wirings can cost you plenty to repair. And more if an accident happens because of them.

Not get a realtor

This could be your biggest mistake. If you think that you can buy a house on your own, then try. But, it is recommended by a lot of people who already went through this process that getting a real estate agent to represent you and take care of important matters like paper works and negotiations is very helpful. You can find one of the best realty company in Des Moines, if you are wondering.