Three Common Reasons Why Women Lose Their Libido

1One of the biggest issues with romantic relationship is when the sexual aspect of it is waning. The worse part of this is that it usually goes on without even being discussed because one party might be afraid to offend the other. Some choose not to open the topic because they know that their partners will not even acknowledge their concerns as legitimate. Without open communication, especially in matters of sex, relationships tend to fall apart.

Most people believe, including women, that women are less active than their male counterparts when it comes to sex. Statistically, this does hold true to some degree but it’s not all about gender. Sure, women’s hormones play a large part but not every disinterest in sex should be attributed to it. Here are some other reasons that may be causing a woman’s unreceptive attitude towards sexual intercourse.

  1. Petty quarrels.

Childish as it may seem, even some of the most ridiculous things can upset either party in a relationship. This applies to both men and women but considering that women are less likely to say what bothers them outright, it’s going to eat away at the relationship and adds to the tension. To lessen situations like this, both must acknowledge that they feel upset on irrational things and that communicating any trivial peeves to their partner. Instead of feeling embarrassed about it without telling the other, they can both laugh about it for its silliness. At least to some degree, the negative tension in a relationship would be minimized.

Being subjected to a lot of stress is bad for one’s health. Subsequently, it does follow that it’s also bad for sexual health. Libido is drastically affected when one is stressed out for the most part of the day. Naturally, when someone is stress from work and be exposed to more stress then ,it’s going to negatively affect sexual appetite. Avoiding this in the modern world isn’t as easy as how self-help books make it out to be. Again, it all falls down to better communication as a couple. Working together to reduce stress from different sources is encouraged. In fact, it can even strengthen the relationship simply because both are working together to achieve a certain goal.

  1. Selfish sex.

It’s difficult for most men to admit, but most of the time, women get less orgasms. Unfortunately, men by nature get their libido switched off immediately after an ejaculation. This causes a rift with their partners who never get to feel the pleasurable spasms of the female orgasm. Some husbands are considerable enough that they continue having sex with their wife with a semi-erect penis. This may sound comical, but that simple gesture means a lot for women who finally reach orgasm. Another way to make orgasms of both partners happen almost at the same time is to improve techniques as well as increase penis size. Bathmate & Hydromax: Review and Results (January 2017) has a helpful guide on how to increase penis girth and length. Results may vary, but improvements are generally expected through regular use. It’s worth a shot when it comes to improving libido of both partners.