The Ayahuasca Experience

Known as the vine of death, the Ayahuasca is basically a brew or decoction that is mainly made out of the vine called Banisteriopsiscaapi. There are other ingredients included in the said drink and there are lots of speculations behind it. The Ayahuasca has reached popularity because it has been used traditionally as a spiritual medicine among the indigenous people in the jungle of the Amazon. Those who have tried it said that this herbal drink is the worst tasting stuff that they have taken in their entire lives. Some have even experienced nausea and vomiting. If the drink is such an inconvenience, many people wondered why there are still some who seek it.


The main reason behind the popularity of Ayahuasca is said to be influenced by its healing properties as well as the unique insights that the drink bring to the people who have experienced it. The herbal tea is a native to some South American countries, such as the Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and some more. It is part of certain religious rituals because of the fact that the vine where Ayahuasca came from is considered to be sacred. Most of the westerners would prefer a visit to the Amazon to experience a journey of spiritual healing. In addition to that, the healing is said to be manifested physically too.


The so-called spiritual healing that the Ayahuasca can bring upon its drinker can be attributed to the reports of experiencing certain hallucinations. This particular tea is said to be hallucinogenic in general, wherein the drinker would report hearing or receiving some forms of instructions or details from what they believed to be the higher voice. The voice is said to be in some form of knowledge or a piece of advice about one’s self or the history of a person. Primarily, these information or details provided to the drinker are said to be facts that they have not realized previously in their entire lives.


The effects of Ayahuasca to their drinkers can be compared to the benefits that are provided by psychotherapeutic interventions or psychological counselling. Their experience with the drink gives them more positive insights about their selves and experiences in life. As a result, the person can live with a more significant purpose with greater sense of accomplishment as well as satisfaction in their lives. For more information on Ayahuasca and the spiritual healing it can provide, browse the internet.