Assorted Free Apps for Android Phones

6When you are among the fans of Android based Smartphones, then you have plenty of sources and options in downloading apps. Most often than not, numerous apps in the Android Market are confused in determining which app is suitable for their phone and which is really needed and more beneficial. Downloading for apps just for the sake of doing so will lead to clutter or even data constraints after a while and will eventually slow down the functionality and the speed of your phone. So it is advisable to download only the type of apps that are actually complimentary for your phone type. If you are a movie aficionado, they a list of the best free movie apps right now can be actually seen when you install the Movie Box APK on your android device.


The bible for all movies is a site called IMDB. You will not be called a movie buff if you are not familiar with IMDB. This app will actually help you access the database of movies and all the details about it. It contains information on like release date, movies, star cast, and more in a specific movie all in a single application.


There are times that you cannot play a particular file format because it is not supported by your phone. The Moboplayer is an app that functions as a video player that can facilitate the playing of any video type and format. You can download any type of video of any file format and play them using this video player without the need to convert it to a type that is compatible with your phone. Here you will also see details like playlists, videos, subtitles, and more. All of these things are possible with the use of HTTP or RTSP.


If you want to monitor the limitation of the data plan that you have opted for your phone, then you will need an app that is called 3G watchdog. At times it is hard to keep track of the usage and when you exceed the limit, it cost you heavy when it comes to internet connection expenditure. Use this app to avoid exceeding the maximum allowable free data plan.


This app will help you keep the tab of your data usage including a separate usage log for 3G, GPS, and WIFI connections. Another use of this app is that you can set your own parameters for assigning setting in the start and end date in accordance with your data cut off and limitations and the billing cycle.


If you want to watch movies for free, simply download the MovieBox app.