Keep Warm: Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fireplace

Before stacking firewood for this coming winter season, make sure to start cleaning your fireplace and know how to maintain them this fall, to make it ready for winter. Here are some tips on how to clean and maintain your fireplace.

Tip #1: Check if it needs cleaning

When should you clean your fireplace?

  • If you smell something that is burning, even if it is not being used.
  • If your wood burns poorly and it emits too much smoke than fire.
  • If you find black gunk at the damper, you will find creosote caked with it.

Tip #2: Clean of the ashes, debris, and dirt

Clean off the ashes, debris, and dirt, from the firebox that might have collected during several months of no use.

Tip #3: Clean the exterior slate hearth

To clean the hearth, you need to wash it, then dry, and coat it using lemon oil every  six weeks to make it look shiny.

Tip #4: Choose the right wood

Choose dry woods, it burns more efficiently and emits less smoke. This type of wood is best if seasoned less than six to twelve months. If your wood is orchard or oak, you need to dry them off a year or more, because hardwoods dry a lot slower than softwoods, such as fir or pine. Store your firewood in a sunny and well-ventilated area. However, you need to cover them to keep it from rain or off from dew. Additionally, if you are to buy wood choose the chords with dark colors and has cracks at the end.

Tip #5: Do not use your fireplace as a furnace.

Fireplaces should only be used no longer than five to six hours. Fireplaces cannot withstand extreme heat like furnaces do.

Tip #6: Never leave the fire unattended, especially when children are around.

Tip #7: Do not forget to open your window when you are using your fireplace.

By the time the air comes in from the window, the smoke goes out from the chimney.

Tip #8: The dumper ledge should be cleaned.

Do not forget to clean the dumper ledge because this area builds up more creosote dust.

Tip #9: Always check the outside of the chimney

Check the chimney’s outside for any obstruction and wear.

Tip #10: Hire professional

To make sure that your fireplace is well-cleaned, try to hire a chimney sweep in Atlanta. These professionals know all the procedures when it comes chimney cleaning than you do.