How To Get Rid Of Your Junk Car?

If you are having an old rusty car that is not in a workable condition anymore then you may have to get rid of it as junk material. The interesting thing that we want to tell you in this article is that you can make money out of junk car also. If you have made up your mind that you need to get rid of your car, then you should start doing research on how to sell it profitably.In this article we will be discussing some of the top tips that can help you in disposing your junk vehicle profitably.


1)Assess your vehicle properly-This means that before going to the junkyard you should know that whether your car has become immovable or it can still be driven. If it is immovable then try to make a note of the parts which are still in working condition such as the tyres,alternator, etc.

2)Determine the expected price – If possible, try to determine the expected price that you can get by selling the car. But be realistic (do not expect extreme cash for your junk car) in your expectations because in general you get a price which is slightly less than your expectation. There are many sources which can help you in determining the price.

3) Transfer the title of the car –Before you sell your car to the junkyard,ensure that you have the documents that proves that you own the car.The main step in selling you car is transferring the title of the car.

4) Remove all your personal belongings from your car –It is not an unusual thing to leave your personal belongings like some documents or other things such as iPod, hence you should check for any personal items in your car before you hand over your  car to the junkyard.

5)Do a survey among several junkyards – This process might be a time taking because you may need to walk in to several junkyards to ask for the price they can offer but this should only be done when you have assessed the parts and condition of your vehicle.

6)Check the protocols of the junkyard- There are some who will pay more money if you drive the car to their workshop. You can also expect more money if you dismantle your car yourself. Also ask them about the paperwork they do in this process and the documents they will need.