Broken Windshield: Will Fixing Be Enough?

For some reason, a rock hits your windshield, resulting to cracks and chips. The damage depends on the amount of force that hits the windshield. It may create a star break, combo break, partial bullseye or bullseye. The type of repair needed will also depend on the extent of damage done.

When to repair or replace

Repair will suffice if the crack is not longer than 3 inches. And the rock chips will not be bigger than a quarter size. However, windshield replacement will be needed if you noticed that the crack has reached the windshield’s edge. Such damage can’t be fixed by a simple repair since the crack can spread easily. This will also compromise the integrity of the structure. Windshield replacement is also needed if the crack is longer than a dollar bill. If the chips obstruct the driver’s view since as it can be seen on the driver’s line of vision, a windshield replacement will also be needed.

How much is the cost

Replacement of windshields can be very costly. It will range from several hundreds to thousands of dollars. The amount needed to fix it will somehow depend on the extent of damage done. The car’s model and make will also matter when it comes to the repair cost. Apart from the amount of the windshield to be replaced, you must also shell out some cash for the installation fee.

About fixing chips

If you want to effectively repair the windshield, you must clean all the dirt first before starting with the work. This will improve the clarity, helping you repair it well. Remember that once the windshield cracks, it will also lose its structural integrity. Hence, driving with a crack windshield will only pose as a safety hazard while you are driving down the road. Most of all, there are states that consider it illegal to drive with a cracked windshield.

Looking at it on the brighter side, if your windshield happens to have chips, you are lucky enough since it is the least expensive type of damage and can be fixed by filling it up. And if you have an auto insurance policy, you may have an auto glass repair coverage as well, especially if it will be a windshield replacement.

Lastly, if your car happens to acquire some chips, you have to address the issue right away. Do not wait for it to grow into cracks and will not be fixed by a simple repair. You can visit to know where you can find help.