Best LED Grow Lights 2018: Morsen 2400W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The Morsen 2400W light is not just one of the best LED grow lights around, but also one of the most powerful. If you have a large grow space with more plants than the average grower, then you will find high quality, powerful grow lights with Morsen. The panel contains bright 10W double LED bulbs with two on/off switches at the back of the panel. This allows you to control the brightness of the light it emits, letting you provide softer light for younger plants, and stronger light for adult plants in the flowering stage.

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With larger LED grow lights, heat dissipation becomes even more important. The Morsen 2400W grow light comes with six built in cooling fans, ensuring a low running temperature and decreasing the risk of plant damage or dryness. It also comes with a 1.5m power cord and a hanging hook for easy installation. The 3-year warranty also ensures that you will have no problems with this grow light, and the long lifespan of its LED bulbs will make this light a permanent fixture in your grow space.


The LED bulbs used in the Morsen 2400W light make it one of the best LED grow lights currently on the market. It has 10W Epiled double chips, which are installed with a Zener diode to ensure that the rest of the bulbs keep working even if one of them cuts out. All this means that this grow light is highly energy efficient, with the 2400W output only requiring an input of about 450W!


The Morsen 2400W holds 240 LED bulbs, which are split up as follows: 168 red, 48 blue, 16 white, 4UV and 4IR. This really is a full spectrum light! All of these fit into the 18.89 inch by 13 inch by 2.83 inch panel, and it weighs about 8kg. The coverage is fantastic, which is roughly 6 square feet. The suggested hanging height is between 1.2m and 2m above the canopy, and the suggested lighting time is 12-14 hours on for vegetation, and 9-12 hours on for flowering.

The Morsen 2400W really is a powerful and versatile grow light. It can be used with any grow system, so it doesn’t matter if you are growing hydroponically or with traditional soil. With the included hanging hook, you can adjust the height of the grow light to best suit your specific plants’ needs (or your specific strain’s needs if you are growing marijuana), and the dual on/off switches put you in control of the strength of the emitted light too.

To conclude, the Morsen 2400W full spectrum LED grow light is one of the best LED grow lights on the market, as it is powerful, efficient, and long lasting. Its large coverage will allow you to grow many marijuana (or other) plants, and help you produce a high bud (or flower of fruit) yield. If you are looking for portable weed vaporizer, check


Happy growing!