Best LED Grow Lights 2018: Morsen 2400W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


The Morsen 2400W light is not just one of the best LED grow lights around, but also one of the most powerful. If you have a large grow space with more plants than the average grower, then you will find high quality, powerful grow lights with Morsen. The panel contains bright 10W double LED bulbs with two on/off switches at the back of the panel. This allows you to control the brightness of the light it emits, letting you provide softer light for younger plants, and stronger light for adult plants in the flowering stage.

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With larger LED grow lights, heat dissipation becomes even more important. The Morsen 2400W grow light comes with six built in cooling fans, ensuring a low running temperature and decreasing the risk of plant damage or dryness. It also comes with a 1.5m power cord and a hanging hook for easy installation. The 3-year warranty also ensures that you will have no problems with this grow light, and the long lifespan of its LED bulbs will make this light a permanent fixture in your grow space.


The LED bulbs used in the Morsen 2400W light make it one of the best LED grow lights currently on the market. It has 10W Epiled double chips, which are installed with a Zener diode to ensure that the rest of the bulbs keep working even if one of them cuts out. All this means that this grow light is highly energy efficient, with the 2400W output only requiring an input of about 450W!


The Morsen 2400W holds 240 LED bulbs, which are split up as follows: 168 red, 48 blue, 16 white, 4UV and 4IR. This really is a full spectrum light! All of these fit into the 18.89 inch by 13 inch by 2.83 inch panel, and it weighs about 8kg. The coverage is fantastic, which is roughly 6 square feet. The suggested hanging height is between 1.2m and 2m above the canopy, and the suggested lighting time is 12-14 hours on for vegetation, and 9-12 hours on for flowering.

The Morsen 2400W really is a powerful and versatile grow light. It can be used with any grow system, so it doesn’t matter if you are growing hydroponically or with traditional soil. With the included hanging hook, you can adjust the height of the grow light to best suit your specific plants’ needs (or your specific strain’s needs if you are growing marijuana), and the dual on/off switches put you in control of the strength of the emitted light too.

To conclude, the Morsen 2400W full spectrum LED grow light is one of the best LED grow lights on the market, as it is powerful, efficient, and long lasting. Its large coverage will allow you to grow many marijuana (or other) plants, and help you produce a high bud (or flower of fruit) yield. If you are looking for portable weed vaporizer, check


Happy growing!

Role Of Dietary Supplements:

Healthcare is the prime concern for any ling men and in today’s world, it has become very important to dedicate complete attention to your health if you want to live long and healthy. Apart from medication, balanced and proper diet nutrition supplements are a sought-after commodity among the health-conscious masses. You go through any Health review website and you will find they are flooded with reviews of several health supplement products. So let’s see what makes us go for the nutrition supplements and something more about them.

No matter how balanced our diet is we are never able to supply all of the forty nutrients our body requires every day. Strict dieting, limited nutritional choices and a hectic lifestyle often do not let us fulfill the nutrition requirement of a day. So the nutrition supplements or the multivitamins become highly helpful if taken in adequate dosage since they fulfill the deficit in our body. For example, in a study conducted in the USA in the year 2010, it was identified that calcium, dietary fiber, potassium and vitamin D are the nutrients of concern for inadequate intake through daily diet especially in children. All three except dietary fiber come combined in one multivitamin supplement that helps you fill the nutritional void created by the reduced food intake. Although supplements for dietary fibers are there, it is still always advised to fill the requirement of dietary fiber from diet only.

The acceptance for multivitamins is also not unanimous among the healthcare experts. Still, there is a common agreement that the nutritional supplements bridge the nutrition gap in the body and also combat with other health risks up to some extent. Also, some nutrition experts firmly stress on the fact that risk of dietary deficiency is greater than the risk of multivitamin overdose in the human body. This signifies that the nutrition shortfalls are better to be filled up by the multivitamin supplements.

Before starting to consume the daily multivitamins, it is better to consult a doctor or a nutrition specialist so that you can get the best one you need. Also before taking the supplements read the label carefully, check whether it is for your age group, date of expiry and you must never overdo it. And the most important thing you need to remember that there is no substitute for nutritious diet is available and no supplement could ever replace the diet you take every day.

The Right Way to Hire a Car Glass Contractor

Having a car has already become a necessity for most individuals since transportation to and from work and school has become a lot easier and less stressful. Hence, many people have already become dependent on their cars. The problem is that there will be times wherein the windshield and window glasses of their cars can be damaged by certain factors. Cracks and chips are problems that need to be resolved immediately to ensure their safety and comfort.

The good thing is that there are already a lot of Lawrenceville windshield repair experts that promise to provide quality and fast services. However, people should make sure that they choose the right contractor through careful evaluation. In order to do so, this article will be discussing some of the most important things that car owners should do before hiring the person who will be repairing their car glass.

Researching the Different Options as Early as Possible

The best thing that people who own cars should do is research on the different car window experts in their area as soon as they own a car. This is the best technique so that they will not be caught off guard once they face any glass damages in the future. The thing is that not all companies or contractors work on all types of car glasses. There are also those who or that specialize in working on specific types of glass. Car owners should at least have five or more options at hand that they can contact in times of need.

Requesting for Detailed Bids

Once car owners experience car glass cracks or chips, they should start contacting their selected options and ask for a detailed bid. They should contact at least three of their choices for them to compare and contrast intelligently. Good bids should contain estimated day of start and finish, price which includes whether materials and labor are included or not, and other terms and conditions. Some companies or contractors will also require that they see the car before they even give an estimate or bid.

Reading the Details of the Contract Carefully

A common mistake that car owners commit is that they do not read the contract that has been given by the contractor whom they are about to hire. They just immediately hire the person and sign the contract. The contract provided is important because it contains whether the job is warranted or not.

Keep Warm: Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fireplace

Before stacking firewood for this coming winter season, make sure to start cleaning your fireplace and know how to maintain them this fall, to make it ready for winter. Here are some tips on how to clean and maintain your fireplace.

Tip #1: Check if it needs cleaning

When should you clean your fireplace?

  • If you smell something that is burning, even if it is not being used.
  • If your wood burns poorly and it emits too much smoke than fire.
  • If you find black gunk at the damper, you will find creosote caked with it.

Tip #2: Clean of the ashes, debris, and dirt

Clean off the ashes, debris, and dirt, from the firebox that might have collected during several months of no use.

Tip #3: Clean the exterior slate hearth

To clean the hearth, you need to wash it, then dry, and coat it using lemon oil every  six weeks to make it look shiny.

Tip #4: Choose the right wood

Choose dry woods, it burns more efficiently and emits less smoke. This type of wood is best if seasoned less than six to twelve months. If your wood is orchard or oak, you need to dry them off a year or more, because hardwoods dry a lot slower than softwoods, such as fir or pine. Store your firewood in a sunny and well-ventilated area. However, you need to cover them to keep it from rain or off from dew. Additionally, if you are to buy wood choose the chords with dark colors and has cracks at the end.

Tip #5: Do not use your fireplace as a furnace.

Fireplaces should only be used no longer than five to six hours. Fireplaces cannot withstand extreme heat like furnaces do.

Tip #6: Never leave the fire unattended, especially when children are around.

Tip #7: Do not forget to open your window when you are using your fireplace.

By the time the air comes in from the window, the smoke goes out from the chimney.

Tip #8: The dumper ledge should be cleaned.

Do not forget to clean the dumper ledge because this area builds up more creosote dust.

Tip #9: Always check the outside of the chimney

Check the chimney’s outside for any obstruction and wear.

Tip #10: Hire professional

To make sure that your fireplace is well-cleaned, try to hire a chimney sweep in Atlanta. These professionals know all the procedures when it comes chimney cleaning than you do.

Going for the Benefits of Green Tea

What is matcha? Some people think matcha is the same as green tea. In some ways, they are. However, matcha is actually a product from finely ground green tea leaves that are specially grown and processed. In many ways, matcha is more potent than green tea because it contains high levels of chlorophyll.

This past decade saw to the rediscovery of matcha tea. Everyone concerned with health seems to be taking the benefits of matcha tea all too seriously. They can’t be blamed because there could be no better and healthier truth. It just spread like wildfire.

Drinking tea is ingrained in the history and culture of Chinese. Based on written historical records, matcha tea derived from use of fresh leaves of the Chinese Camellia sinensis has its origin since 3000 to 5000 years ago. And they have been drinking it since then. The rest of the world did not catch up on this till lately. What is important is that the benefits of matcha tea are finally here for everyone.

One question that is frequently asked is what is in matcha tea that makes it healthy. The answer: catechin polyphenols or specifically epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). In fact, the matcha tea found in contains over 400mg of antioxidants that give matcha its potency. Matcha tea has been a subject of many research and studies to substantiate claims. EGCG has been seen scientifically-proven to address many ailments.

What are some of these health benefits of matcha tea that are very much ranted about?

  • It can suppress growth of and can kill cancer cells.
  • It is also capable of lowering unhealthy cholesterol or Low density Lipids (LDL) thus preventing ailments related to it such as heart diseases, coronary attacks and hypertension.
  • It has anti-bacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory capacities. Hence, it can relieve pain ward off infection, tooth decay, acne and rheumatoid arthritis among others.
  • EGCG is known as a potent anti-oxidant. It can therefore boost immune system as well as prevent wrinkles and early aging even of nerves.
  • EGCG similarly has neuro-protective properties can protect brain and spinal neuron against diseases like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Aside from its anti-inflammatory property, it similarly contains flavonoid that can prevent neuronal injuries and certain enzymes that block certain protein from catalyzing reactions that lead to nerve damage.
  • It also speeds up metabolism and promotes efficient fat utilization thus lead to weight loss. Matcha tea reduces cholesterol absorption by facilitating its efficient elimination.

It sounds unbelievable yet true. For love of oneself, why not start drinking matcha tea today?

The Ayahuasca Experience

Known as the vine of death, the Ayahuasca is basically a brew or decoction that is mainly made out of the vine called Banisteriopsiscaapi. There are other ingredients included in the said drink and there are lots of speculations behind it. The Ayahuasca has reached popularity because it has been used traditionally as a spiritual medicine among the indigenous people in the jungle of the Amazon. Those who have tried it said that this herbal drink is the worst tasting stuff that they have taken in their entire lives. Some have even experienced nausea and vomiting. If the drink is such an inconvenience, many people wondered why there are still some who seek it.


The main reason behind the popularity of Ayahuasca is said to be influenced by its healing properties as well as the unique insights that the drink bring to the people who have experienced it. The herbal tea is a native to some South American countries, such as the Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and some more. It is part of certain religious rituals because of the fact that the vine where Ayahuasca came from is considered to be sacred. Most of the westerners would prefer a visit to the Amazon to experience a journey of spiritual healing. In addition to that, the healing is said to be manifested physically too.


The so-called spiritual healing that the Ayahuasca can bring upon its drinker can be attributed to the reports of experiencing certain hallucinations. This particular tea is said to be hallucinogenic in general, wherein the drinker would report hearing or receiving some forms of instructions or details from what they believed to be the higher voice. The voice is said to be in some form of knowledge or a piece of advice about one’s self or the history of a person. Primarily, these information or details provided to the drinker are said to be facts that they have not realized previously in their entire lives.


The effects of Ayahuasca to their drinkers can be compared to the benefits that are provided by psychotherapeutic interventions or psychological counselling. Their experience with the drink gives them more positive insights about their selves and experiences in life. As a result, the person can live with a more significant purpose with greater sense of accomplishment as well as satisfaction in their lives. For more information on Ayahuasca and the spiritual healing it can provide, browse the internet.

What to Avoid When House Hunting

House hunting can be fun and frustrating at the same time. The pictures you see on the ads would make you all excited. Yet, the reality after seeing what the house really looks like would disappoint you. It takes time and a lot of patience before you can finally find the home of your dreams. Here are some things that you need to avoid when house hunting though.

Go alone

There are a lot of reasons you shouldn’t go through the viewing and negotiating on your own. You might not be able to thoroughly check everything when you go alone. You might miss some important details of the home that sometimes only realtors or experienced buyers would be able to point out. It would also give the impression to sellers that they can easily bargain a higher price with you.


After looking at two or three houses, do not decide immediately. There are still more out there that are waiting to be discovered. When viewing a house, take your time to look through everything. Negotiations also do not need rushing.

Ignore all doors

If you are not interested in the house at the onset, then you don’t need to bother opening every door you see. However, if you think that you like the place, then you should check all drawers, closets, cupboards and more. You would not want to regret later on when you realize that there is not enough storage space in the house for all your things.

Trash talk

Badmouthing a house, even if you think the seller is not around, is always a bad idea. You might not be able to feel it when you step out. But, the effects would come when you start to negotiate for a price.

Fail to check utilities

If you don’t check the power or electricity, gas supply, water and others, you would find yourself spending a lot of money when you move in to the house. Leaky pipes and faulty wirings can cost you plenty to repair. And more if an accident happens because of them.

Not get a realtor

This could be your biggest mistake. If you think that you can buy a house on your own, then try. But, it is recommended by a lot of people who already went through this process that getting a real estate agent to represent you and take care of important matters like paper works and negotiations is very helpful. You can find one of the best realty company in Des Moines, if you are wondering.

Broken Windshield: Will Fixing Be Enough?

For some reason, a rock hits your windshield, resulting to cracks and chips. The damage depends on the amount of force that hits the windshield. It may create a star break, combo break, partial bullseye or bullseye. The type of repair needed will also depend on the extent of damage done.

When to repair or replace

Repair will suffice if the crack is not longer than 3 inches. And the rock chips will not be bigger than a quarter size. However, windshield replacement will be needed if you noticed that the crack has reached the windshield’s edge. Such damage can’t be fixed by a simple repair since the crack can spread easily. This will also compromise the integrity of the structure. Windshield replacement is also needed if the crack is longer than a dollar bill. If the chips obstruct the driver’s view since as it can be seen on the driver’s line of vision, a windshield replacement will also be needed.

How much is the cost

Replacement of windshields can be very costly. It will range from several hundreds to thousands of dollars. The amount needed to fix it will somehow depend on the extent of damage done. The car’s model and make will also matter when it comes to the repair cost. Apart from the amount of the windshield to be replaced, you must also shell out some cash for the installation fee.

About fixing chips

If you want to effectively repair the windshield, you must clean all the dirt first before starting with the work. This will improve the clarity, helping you repair it well. Remember that once the windshield cracks, it will also lose its structural integrity. Hence, driving with a crack windshield will only pose as a safety hazard while you are driving down the road. Most of all, there are states that consider it illegal to drive with a cracked windshield.

Looking at it on the brighter side, if your windshield happens to have chips, you are lucky enough since it is the least expensive type of damage and can be fixed by filling it up. And if you have an auto insurance policy, you may have an auto glass repair coverage as well, especially if it will be a windshield replacement.

Lastly, if your car happens to acquire some chips, you have to address the issue right away. Do not wait for it to grow into cracks and will not be fixed by a simple repair. You can visit to know where you can find help.

Why People Prefer to Buy and Wear Contact Lens

Today, men and women tend to wear contact lens for several purposes. Some believe that wearing contact lenses are better than wearing spectacles. About 70 percent of the population worldwide wears contact lenses for eye correction reasons. The remaining 30 percent are for those people who wear contact lens for style or to try to blend in with the trending fashion hypes in the society. This is why many are interested to buy contact lens even if they do not need one.

Due to the increase in demand for the contact lenses, more and more people are buying the products. However, most of these people lack better understanding about details of using contact lenses. Here is some essential information when buying contact lenses:

  • Contact lens is an advantage for people who avoid putting on spectacles or glasses. Some people hate distractions especially when it comes to their eyes. Contact lenses are suitable and perfect for individuals like them. Still, you can get in touch with  Paul Leeif you want to avoid wearing contact lenses and would rather have laser surgery instead to correct your poor vision.
  • Most users agree that wearing contact lenses are much easier. Contact lens supply better peripheral vision compare to glasses. Before, it is believed that people with astigmatism and other eye conditions can only wear glasses. Due to the advancement in technology, contact lenses are now well-designed to give almost every one with better vision.
  • Many athletes and outdoor enthusiasts buy contact lenses because it avoids distraction in case the glasses are broken or dislodged. Also, contact lenses are ideally suited for outdoor and other sport activities because it does not accumulate moisture such as sweat, condensation, rain or snow compare to glasses that can easily attract moisture.
  • For those people that have keratoconus, it is a degenerative disorder of the ocular parts wherein structural changes within the cornea lead to thinning and changing into a more conical shape than the normal gradual curve. In addition for those people suffering from aniseikonia, it is an eye condition in which there is a significant variation in the perceived sized of images. These ocular conditions are usually corrected better by contact lenses than by spectacles.
  • Lastly, contact lens offers better protection from harmful particles compared to glasses. Many have known that glasses protect the eyes from hazardous airborne debris but glasses have a blind spot in which particles such as dust can enter the eyes. On the other hand, contact lenses completely aid in the overall protection of the eyes against these harmful and irritating particles.

It is a known fact that each person has a different reason for buying contact lenses. Whether it is for the correction of vision or fashion statement it does not really matter as long as one learns and understands the basic usage and maintenance associated with owning contact lenses.

The Peruvian Dishes

Peru is one of the many countries in the world that has a beauty that no one can fathom even in their imagination. It has a lot of good things to show people, and the dishes originating from the place is among it. It cannot be denied that Peru has the most majestic places to visit and interesting culture to know about, but not many people are aware of how good the Peruvian cuisine can be. The diversity and tastiness of their dishes have reached worldwide and are now being prepared even in countries outside Peru. Learn more about Peru and its beauty through the internet.


The Peruvian dishes are among the pride of Peru as a country. There is unique taste and spice in the way they influence food and dishes. Among the many dishes that came from Peru, the Ceviche is one that is widely recognized. It is actually available in a variety of cooking but the best among them is considered to be that of Peru’s. It is basically characterized by a white fish as well as shell fish that are cut into strips and tastily marinated with sauces that are primarily lime. The meat is not cooked by heat but by the juices instead. The most common serving of Ceviche is with slice hot peppers, a part of sweet potato, onions, and canchita, which is composed of large and juicy corn kernels.


The chichamorada is another Peruvian dish that is worth trying at least once in a person’s lifetime. It is composed of boiled pineapple rinds that are mainly flavored with cinnamon and cloves. The purple corn or maizmorada is mixed with it to color the dish purple. It can be ordered from restaurants serving Peruvian dishes, such as what the Peruvian Food Orange County has, as an accompaniment to main dishes from Peru. It is available and served with the use of either a jar or a glass.


One major Peruvian dish is called the LomoSaltado, which is simply described to be a platter of french fries that is topped with a saute or sauce of strips of beef with onions and tomatoes. There are more other Peruvian dishes that are highly regarded, such as chifas, churros and some more that good for those sweet lovers. To learn more about Peruvian dishes and where you can find them, the internet is a good source of information.